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Palliative Care Matters National Consensus Conference Report 2016

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“PSP” 3 Day Module on Palliative/End of Life Care

The GP Services Committee committed funds to train 300-400 GPs across the province of BC in a 3 day module on palliative/end of life care. This Practice Support Program (PSP) format has been successfully used in other areas to enhance GP skills and practice structures, e.g., chronic disease management, advance practice access, mental health and COPD. The module began to be offered in late spring 2011 and comprised 3 days of direct education with 2 “work periods” between them during which the GPs were tasked to put into direct practice what they learned from the educational days. The palliative care community across BC collaborated to put this module together and by bringing the GPs’ Medical Office Assistants and the local Community Nurses in to the program we have already seen the benefits of forming real “integrated teams” working to support palliative patients in the community. The PSP module continues to work its way through the province so that eventually all communities should have had chance to participate.

Canadian Virtual Hospice

This is a Canadian website which contains a lot of useful information for both patients and families as well as health care professionals

Kings College Hospital London

Consort site for transparent reporting of trials