Curriculum Renewal

The UBC undergraduate medical curriculum is currently undergoing a profound process of renewal. The new curriculum will have a “spiral” concept, with the teaching in the first 2 years all based on a series of week-long cases. The case-based approach will also be used throughout the 3rd and 4th years integrated with clinical teaching. This represents a profound change from the traditional model of medical education, where topics such as anatomy, physiology and pathology have been taught in blocks, sometimes integrated with systems-based teaching. The new curriculum will be determined along multiple themes.

Dr. Hawley is representing the Division as a Theme Leader, and Palliative Care is part of the “theme cluster” of Populations, Diversity and Equity. We are housed along with geriatrics; first peoples; addictions; public health; global health; health advocacy, and social medicine. Some Division members are kindly assisting Dr. Hawley in fulfilling this leadership role. Division members will be kept informed as to the progress of this group via the regular Division meetings. This process represents a great opportunity to improve undergraduate education in palliative care.

UBC Medical Curriculum Redesign