Coronavirus Response

The Coronavirus pandemic is leading to great challenges in delivering high quality end of life care to patients with and without COVID-19. The Division will post documents and links on this page that may be useful to health care professionals. If anyone would like to post a document or link here, please contact the Division Head: Pippa Hawley ( Please check the project list first, as someone may already be working on the same idea.

MESSAGE BOARD:  March 29th: see new UK palliative resource list link below

March 27th: see new patient/loved one introduction tool for those in isolation under resource list below.

March 26th; please code death certificates “COVID-19” and not Coronavirus, and enter in Part 1 along with causal sequence (e.g. COVID-19, pneumonia, ARDS, all in Part 1). This is a request from CPSBC.



1. Please note that this symptom management guideline is being updated regularly, as more clinical experience  comes in.

Symptom management for adult patients with COVID-19 receiving end-of-life supportive care outside of the ICU

2. The BC Guidelines and Protocols Advisory Committee 3-part Palliative Care       Guideline

3. BC Inter-professsional Palliative Symptom Management Guidelines – BC Centre for Palliative Care – see


1. Editable patient handout for self-guided Advance Care Planning in current COVID-19 pandemic context suitable for any person with chronic illness or frailty. Please pdf before electronic distribution. LetsTalkforACPinCOVID-19PandemicwithChronic Illness23-3-20

2. Providence Health Communication Guide (including video) for Serious Illness Conversation, adapted for use by health care professional with a patient or patient’s SDM concerned about COVID-19, and links to other appropriate communications resources.

3. A free easy to use evidence-based app designed for the creation of legacy video recordings from An iphone, Windows or Mac computer/laptop required.  Legacy support 604 418 8906


1. Drug shortage information and prescribing suggestions to mitigate potential shortages Access to Drugs for Palliative Care in COVID-19 Pandemic

2.Project list (for UBC Division of Palliative Care members only) Project List for Coronavirus Mitigation

3.Instructions for emergency credentialing for physicians wishing to support colleagues in other Regional Health Authorities.  Please note that physicians should avoid entering more than one facility, to avoid spread of virus.


1.Meet My Loved One-2 pager for print

2. COVID-19-specific BC Palliative Benefits and Expected Death in the Home forms (thanks to Nicola Macpherson) BC Pall Care Benefits (COVID-19) NM 30-3-20  Notification of Expected Death in the Home (COVID-19) NM 30-3-20

3. Personal Protective Equipment procedure advice Home Visit PPE Full Procedure v.7

4. Center to Advance Palliative Care COVID resources

5.  UK palliative care resource list including some international

6. Mortality Risk Factors of Chinese COVID patients

7. Seattle preliminary outcomes data Seattle COVID-19outcomes

8. Palliating a pandemic: “all patients must be cared for” (2010).

9. Italian Palliative Care specialist advice