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Dr. Philippa Hawley, B.Med., F.R.C.P.C.

Division Head of Palliative Care

℅ Department of Medical Oncology, Vancouver Centre – BC Cancer Agency 600 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4E6 | Phone: 604.806.9686 ext: 64942| Fax: 604.806.9643

Pippa came to Canada from the UK via New Zealand, and became a Palliative Medicine specialist via a roundabout route, including some clinical HIV research in Vancouver in the early ‘90s, 2 Internal Medicine residencies, and a self-directed 2 yr fellowship including 6 months working with Prof. Geoff Hanks, the first professor of palliative medicine in Bristol, England . Pippa started the BC Cancer Agency’s Pain & Symptom Management/Palliative Care Program (PSMPC) in 1997. Pippa is the medical leader of the Provincial PSMPC Program and of the Vancouver team, doing mainly outpatient clinic consultations. Pippa’s research interests include: the assessment and treatment of symptoms such as oral mucositis, delirium and constipation; and she is currently carrying out RCTs on management of opioid-induced constipation and lidocaine infusions for cancer-related pain. She is also leading the drive for early integration of palliative care into oncology in BC, and the creation of an academic palliative care network in BC.

Dr. Julia Ridley, B.Sc., M.D., C.C.F.P. (PC), M.Ed.

Program Director (Royal College Subspecialty PD): Palliative Medicine Subspecialty Residency Program, UBC
Clinical Assistant Professor

Julia is a Palliative Medicine physician, with experience working in BC and Ontario. She completed the Year of Added Competency in Palliative Care at UBC, after completing a Family Medicine Residency, and has worked in acute care, outpatient clinics and as a consultant in Palliative Care since 2008. She has a Master’s in Education from the University of Toronto, and as previous research lead for the division, has interests in research on education, communication and symptom management. She is currently working in the Pain and Symptom Management/Palliative Care Program at BC Cancer, as well as a Medical Advisor for the BC Centre for Palliative Care. She joined UBC as Program Director for the Royal College Sub-specialty Palliative Medicine Program in 2019.

Dr. Anoo Tamber, C.C.F.P. (PC), M.D.

Program Director (Year of Added Competency): Palliative Medicine Residency Program, UBC
Clinical Assistant Professor

Anoo is a Clinical Assistant Professor with the Division of Palliative Care at the University of British Columbia.  She is presently working as a palliative care consultant at Surrey Memorial Hospital and in the Pain and Symptom/ Palliative Care Clinic at BC Cancer. She received her medical degree from the University of Alberta, completed a residency in Family Medicine with the University of British Columbia and Year of Added Competency in Palliative Care at the University of Toronto.  She developed an interest in medical education while in Toronto, where she completed the Education Scholars Program with the Centre for Faculty Development.  In 2009 she moved to the US.  Here she received her board certification in Hospice and Palliative Medicine and worked as a palliative care consultant for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for a number of years. In Pittsburgh she served on several committees; including the Subspecialty Education Committee as well as the Palliative Fellowship Program Committee.  She has an interest in scholarship in medical education and most recently has been collaborating on a project with colleagues in Pittsburgh, using the VITALtalk framework, and a coaching intervention to prepare residents to have goals of care conversations. She took on the position of Program Director for the Family Medicine Year of Added Competency in Palliative Care in 2019.

Research Director

*Notice: position to be filled

Wai Lee, CCFP

Wellness Mentor

Wai completed his Family Medicine Residency at University of Toronto in 2016 and then completed the Year of Added Competency in Palliative Care at UBC in 2017. He is a clinical instructor for the UBC Palliative Care Program. He is currently working as a Palliative Care Consultant for the Royal Columbian Hospital and community Palliative patients in New Westminster.


Kathryn Inman

Administrative Assistant

℅ St John Hospice, 6389 Stadium Road, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 | Phone: 604.806.9686 ext: 64941 | Fax: 604.806.9643

Kathryn joined the Division of Palliative Care in January 2014. She is an Administrative Assistant to Dr. Philippa Hawley. Originally a teacher from the UK, Kathryn comes from a varied and diverse background with a passion for palliative care in BC.

Chloe Yeh

Administrative Assistant

℅ St John Hospice, 6389 Stadium Road, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 | Phone: 604.806.9686 ext: 64933 | Fax: 604.806.9643

Chloe has joined the team on a part time basis, and can usually be found in the office once a week. Her studies at UBC focused on biopsychology and computer science.